What If – 0.4

what if, in a flight; mid air, lights off, a man goes to the cabin crew girl sitting near the cockpit and says, “could you please make a cup of tea for my wife? she’s sitting at 16F, she has a bad headache and she’s unable to sleep, please can you make a strong one … More What If – 0.4


a plastic bag slides off the black pavement  when hesitant eyes gaze at the 6th floor balcony and the umbrella becomes more fragile against the wind so cold dark burnt walls appear to be calm and strong while the symphonic screams combine with the rattle of water drops the presence of no one around gets hauntingly … More evelyn


Stray in the light of the moon Simple as the dry lagoon Is your fate, lifeless and pale Helpless wanderer, collapse anytime soon Winds took her away and she’s gone The music of that Irish song Is hauntingly cold and sad To who do you now belong? A poet’s belief is a dream The voices … More Disturbia

Sentiments Of A Poet

How does the intensity increase? What ignites a poet to create a mesmerizing masterpiece? Is it a vacant room full of pills or a view capturing the hills? The sweetness of a romantic piano tune or the sublte warmth of the winter afternoon? A continuous week of self sacrifice or someone’s beautiful face to fantasize? … More Sentiments Of A Poet


A grief-stricken piano ballad wrenching the heart What else do the waves bring to you? A full moon night without her presence What else does the pain sing for you? Listen to the turbulent cry of black water As a few drops fall from your eyes into the sea Giving miraculous birth to a horizontal … More Postlude

The ‘M’ In My Heart

M is masterpiece M is marvelous M is miraculous M is magical M is melodious M is mellifluous M is munificent M is motivational M is merriment M is mischievous M is majestic M is memorable M is mesmerizing M is madness M is muchness M is meaningful M is more M is mine monibamehboob