A grief-stricken piano ballad wrenching the heart What else do the waves bring to you? A full moon night without her presence What else does the pain sing for you? Listen to the turbulent cry of black water As a few drops fall from your eyes into the sea Giving miraculous birth to a horizontal … More Postlude

The ‘M’ In My Heart

M is masterpiece M is marvelous M is miraculous M is magical M is melodious M is mellifluous M is munificent M is motivational M is merriment M is mischievous M is majestic M is memorable M is mesmerizing M is madness M is muchness M is meaningful M is more M is mine monibamehboob

Poetry Denied

a tinge of yesterday’s vague sparkle, refrains my soul from any artistic indulgance dreary routine tempts my thoughts to rupture, frustration mounts when i can no longer weave words in hopes of my poetic glands to awaken, i endure the sound of my own screams ignoring the despicable taste of roadside tea, i drown in … More Poetry Denied

31/12/very soon

a late night in december, poetic trance in an isolated cafe the warmth of freezing winter, cryptic flavour of this peculiar latte sublime art on the abstract wall, a dream floating in my eyes the beats of my heart echo, while the rain eventually subsides overwhelming ambience of nostalgia, a face somewhere in time to … More 31/12/very soon

Ek Aalishaan Masjid

Ek aalishaan masjid Aur kuch namazi Vo barson puraani mannat Ek haari hui dil ki baazi Aankhon me qaid ek dariya Kinaaron ki kahaani Azaan ki goonj me bikhri yaadein Ek poori zindagaani Mohabbat ke beshumaar falsafey Ek jaana pehchaana chehra Bebas karne waali raatein Raaton ka dard hai gehra Dhundhli hui ye manzil Safar … More Ek Aalishaan Masjid

Death dictates

Originally posted on Ordinary girl's peculiar blog:
It blows its frosty breath and holds its silver sceptre the knob glows with its latest kill. (Soft departure is only soft to the onlookers.) Death dictates its purple toes twitch in line with frozen blood. (Cold storage is cold to everyone.) It uses full stops as…

Poetry Mourns

A solitary poet, on a lonely shore The day bids goodbye, night enters, softly Waves are enthusiastic, but the poet is lost A blank mind with no words, is what he possesses An empty scabbard, his sword lost in time The painful melody haunts his soul, no more he could rhyme And moonlight reflecting its … More Poetry Mourns

Toast for Disorder

The mind stops working, it’s as good as dead. How can creativity be so beautiful and horrific at the same time? The words of a poet, and the bombs of an incendiary Creating magic, and havoc. When fear escalates as it pulverizes goodness To nurture conflicts Historians are less researchers, and more entertainers History is … More Toast for Disorder